For a reasonable cost, you’ll get a collaborator with experience with most formats that will ultimately improve your final product. Here is a list of services and general pricing:


Script Punch Up Work*

[under 60 pages $200]
[between 60-120 pages $300]

*This includes jokes and or story refinement to add joke opportunities

For scripts, my work is catered to your needs overall, but the process usually is the same. I’ll typically read it one time through and jot some notes while I formulate joke ideas or script development thoughts. Then I’ll let it sit for 24-48 hours and read it again while writing down the different options I see, whether for jokes or direction. I won’t do this for every line, but will put you on the path to a tighter and funnier script.

After this is done, we will talk. This can be done over the phone or via Skype or in person (should you happen to be in the same area). I schedule an hour, but they typically run long and I will not cut you off at 60 minutes. During that time, we’ll talk about the project. I start with an overview, and then we will go through the script beginning to end.

I provide the options and you choose what you like and what you don’t. I generally work on the fly, as one would in a writer’s room, coming up with still more ideas as we speak. (This is where my improv training comes in.) If you listen closely, there may even be a lesson on joke writing and joke philosophy thrown in.


Story refinement/Development Ideas

[under 60 pages $100]
[between 60-120 pages $150]

It’s the same process as the Punch Up Work service, but without as heavy a focus on jokes. Many of the development ideas will come with potential areas for more humor, if that’s something you’re looking for. Setting a scene and conflict that provides ample ground for humor is important.


Joke Writing

[as low as $50]

Depending on how many jokes you’d want and the venue/medium you intend to use them, we just sit and talk about your style, the audience, the topics, and anything else you’re looking for. Then, I go off and write jokes for you. We talk again and hash them out. Sometimes the jokes need a little more seasoning and we can get that as we go back and forth between one another.


Speech Writing/Rewriting with jokes

  [as low as $100]

For speeches, it’s a little more intricate as I’ll ask you for some background on the project. There will be more communication during these projects.  I will need to know the audience, the venue, the tone, etc.


Script Coverage

[under 60 pages – $75]
[between 60-120 pages $100]

I’ll read the script and provide feedback on what needs to happen in order to get a script that you can be confident about sending out. It’s basically the development package without the development. I’ll tell you where you need to take it and you can take any route you’d like with it from there.


Pitch Practice


Have an idea to pitch? I’ll listen to you and advise you on what to focus on and what to ignore, how to stay on topic and keep the listener interested. Pitching is an art and not unlike stand-up, you need to keep the listener engaged. The audience is not always going to be energized.
I’ll read your project, and then sit down with you as an executive would.


Cover Letters/Essays

[as low as $50]

Simple and basic. I’ll read your cover letter/essay, correct any spelling, grammar, or syntax errors, then I’ll work on tightening it and making it sharper. Essays could cost more depending on length. For this more technical work, I’ll fix it, then give you a draft for your approval. If you are not yet happy, feel free to return it, provide me with your thoughts and I’ll do another pass.



[price determined on a per project basis]

Need something as simple as a proofread? Need help constructing a query letter for a literary agent? Or perhaps a full book proposal? I’m happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a fair price based on the work required.


To Sum Up

Remember, this is your project. My job is to get it to a better place for you to feel comfortable. I am not looking to make this my own, and thus am mainly here to guide and give suggestions, providing you options you would not otherwise come upon on your own.

If another draft is needed and you wish to retain my services again, you will receive a discounted rate. You can also pay for this ahead of time if you would like.