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The Punch Up Guy IS comedian/bestselling author/screenwriter/producer/actor/public speaker Andy Wasif. He has been involved in comedy for over two decades, first stepping on stage during his sophomore year in college and penning his first sitcom spec script (a “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) the same year.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Syracuse University (in upstate New York).

Since then, he has performed in clubs and colleges in exactly half of the states in the United States and one province in Canada. He also has spent several years training and performing at renowned theaters Improv Olympic and Upright Citizens Brigade.

After leaving the stand-up comedy road and returning to Los Angeles, he has remained active in a variety of roles using his comedic skills for good instead of evil. This includes teaching a stand-up comedy course to kids ages 8-14, writing speeches for corporate executives, participating in comedy roasts, penning jokes for all levels of comics including his fellow professionals, and doing movie and television show script coverage for networks and production companies alike.

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What Clients Have to Say About the Punch Up Guy

I went to the Punch Up Guy for help with my script and not only did he make improvements to the jokes I had, he took the script to an entirely different level. He gave me character and story ideas that opened up areas for new jokes without messing with framework of the script.

I would definitely use him again.

Alan Jay

Andy Wasif is hands down THE BEST story/script consultant and joke puncher-upper (is that a word?) that I have ever worked with and that includes big industry writer/producers (who shall remain nameless)!

What makes Andy’s service so unique is that he is both funny AND knows story structure. On top of that, he felt very relatable to a green writer, never talking down to me.  He seems to genuinely care about making each individual a stronger writer regardless of her weaknesses.

Andy was not only able to help me restructure my spec, but he gave me a FREE consultation in which he spent nearly 2 hours discussing ways to both make the story stronger and just riffing jokes that organically stemmed from the situation, jokes compatible with the various characters’ voices.

I am beyond happy with the results of the consultation and expect to use Andy again in the near future because — he’s worth it! 

Patricia Vettori

Smart, thorough and above all funny, Andy’s insights into my work have been priceless. Trust this man, he knows what he’s doing. Also, hide your daughters ’cause he’s handsome too!

Matt Demblowski
comedy screenwriter, Los Angeles
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